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Default Re: who said a QT hits like a KM?

Originally Posted by DeHookahNut View Post
Most Syrian Brass can suk my left nut!

Some hookahs like the AF are great but most are just heavy over priced crap smokers
Lol, unlike in women sir, heavier is actually not a bad thing when it comes to hookah. Heavier usually means the metal is thicker/harder/denser making it stronger, unlike your chinese aluminums that will probably give you alzheimers. They are well crafted, have great hand made detail, and the brass will actually stay cooler longer than your aluminum or steel variety rigs.

The AF rig is actually nothing more than a nour/nawras rig.

the fun thing about almost all nours or nawras, just like KMs, regardless of size they all share similar internal components, basically making them smoke about the same. There are some exceptions like always but for the most part, not really.

So if you like AF rigs, you actually like most syrian rigs, because its just like most syrian rigs, although I will give you that the stem is probably one of the most attractive ones. (I dislike all the Alfakher branding though)

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