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Default Re: Questions about Al Fakher Solid Hookah

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
honestly, the short downstem issue is really moot in my opinion.

You just fill the water higher, its really not an issue at all. Realize that you will have the same amount of smoke come out the hose regardless of the amount of water in the vase.

it seriously it means nothing at all.
Actually, I mostly agree also. The only time I'd swap out for a larger tube would be if I use a larger vase and the stem terminates somewhere in the neck of the vase. There would be a higher chance of sucking water into the hose because of the reduced surface area of the water unless a diffuser is used. I don't like to smoke with diffusers unless I'm with other people or noise is a concern because of the restricted draw. It's still more of a personal preference thing though.

Originally Posted by MindGrind View Post
I agree with PL ^ even if you wanted the downstem longer you could also fix an added piece similar to a diffuser to elongate it. I plan on purchasing the 36" Solid in a few weeks.
One of the reasons I took the donut off the end of the stem tube is so I could use my own diffuser if I wanted to. Mostly though it's because it was shoddily put on there.

When you get the large solid, could you measure the inner diameter of the vase's opening?

The main reasons why I would do it is for ease of maintenance and to improve build quality, the same reason why I rebuilt my Razan. At this point I may not attempt it because of how thin the walls are on the hollow heart. I may at some point replace the entire stem tube with a stainless steel piece for extra strength and slightly thinner wall thickness but that is a much more involved process. If I do that, I will likely be replacing the purge and hose tubes as well.
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