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Default Re: who said a QT hits like a KM?

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
brass will actually stay cooler longer than your aluminum or steel variety rigs.
I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. Aluminum has about twice the thermal conductivity of brass, which has over twice that of steel and even more over stainless steels. If you're saying a brass rig will cool better than an aluminum one, it is only because of a better design and construction.

Originally Posted by Th3DonDada View Post
=O are the QT and Bambino made of aluminum then since they're Chinese? Because I smoke out of those =X.
Yes, Mya's do have aluminum parts but not everything is aluminum. The heart and some connection pieces are more than likely brass (I can't speak for every Mya).

The link between aluminum and alzheimers is still controversial and unproven. If you believe the link exists just from someone here saying so then you'd be just as gullible as the people running around saying hookah is much worse than cigarettes because they were told that's what studies have found. If you are concerned about it, read up on the studies so you can make your own conclusions, but read up on both sides of the story. There are very good reasons why the medical community does not widely accept the correlation. However, that does not preclude them from continuing to explore the possibility.

Also, contact with aluminum is inevitable. It's in the water you drink, the food you eat, the utensils you used to cook and prepare that food, common drugs, the dirt you walk on that you breathe in as dust, etc. It is not very soluble in the human body though, even in the gastrointestinal tracts where it is primarily absorbed.
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