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Default Re: who said a QT hits like a KM?

Originally Posted by photolinger View Post
Eric can say what he wants about that new Syrian Shipment coming in, but let me tell you that I have been waiting on that "new shipment" since march. The word was it was supposed to get here in April and be a good shipment...that didnt happen.

Many of the Syrian rigs out there are shitty, but that being said they arent fully Syrian rigs. They are coming with Mya hoses - not knockoffs, actual myas- because thats what DISTRIBUTORS threw on them, they have shitty thin ashtrays because of the same reason. If you dont like that, like I didnt, then dont buy it from someone that sells it like that. Oddly enough most Nours and Nawras's share the same dual band hose port and tend to all be of the same thickness so I'm not sure where you pulled that one out of. The stock metal of the main tube is actually thicker than the thin steel wrap of my KM or Temsah Trimetal....(the temsah wheat though is a tank). The issue with some is the purge valve is a little difficult to unscrew when you get it, sometimes the first time you open it, pliers may be needed, but after that its fine, and still purges fully, its just not instantaneous- it takes about 1 second - which isnt an issue, even if you are one of those weirdo smokers that purge with every inhalation. Dont believe me, check 4 of my rigs vids that show you this. As for the hose port, some people have issues fitting in a washable hose, if thats the case, dont use a grommet, you'll still get a tight seal, otherwise, get the right grommet-solved.

The AF that I own is no different from a Nour Camilla I bought off of John 8 months ago and later sold to BigPoppa. That being said about poor Syrians, the same goes w/ KMs. There are shitty KMs with cheap trays and poorly welded stems, etc etc. It happens, thats why I say research your purchase.

You can still buy good syrian rigs right now and they dont have to be marked all over with an AF logo. Just because TheHookah doesnt have good ones in your opinion and HC doesnt have them yet, doesnt mean you still cant buy one from another vendor. Shop around. As for the 25% shitty rigs, I will first take your forum statistic with a grain of salt, and second point out that all good Hookah Vendors shop for the rigs they sell, because all hookahs can come in shitty. Before AF's were available from other vendors than AFO, a large portion of AFO's stock was crap, but the rest was amazing, and since they were the only authorized vendors at the time, they could have sold what ever they wanted. Its the same reason why in the same hookah shop 2 KMs of the exact same model may be priced differently, because one of them has several more imperfections.

Nour is actually a brand too, and is a very common name for people and busnisses in the Arab world -hookahs, distribution companies, pharmacies, print shops, etc. Hell I went to a school on saturday's when i was raised in Atlanta called Dar-al-nour...(house of light)

Brass stays cooler, yes, because of better construction, just like you said.

As for the Aluminum argument, that was just an additional point and not meant to be a tangent, but if you would like to refute the strong correlation, maybe because you think there are confounding factors to the study then more power to you. And talking about how it exists naturally is pointless if we are talking about how increased exposure causes issues.
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