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Default Mini Mya Acrylic Rust

I have been washing out my stem after just about every use. I don't know if it is all the little bumps and stuff or what but I notice my stem is getting one hell of a rust build up today. It is so much that I pulled out the old King Of Hookah Petite that has been on a shelf to smoke until I can figure this out.

I have read up on removing rust and know that I am in for a challenge, but I do love this hookah.

I will take any tips on removing the rust as well as any tips on keeping it from rusting. What I guess I need to know the most is how everyone is getting them clean than dry all the way. I have just been blowing out the water than standing up to air dry. I know that my next hookah will for sure be polished and plated on the inside, seems to help keep the rust out a lot better!

Anyone else have this issue?

EDIT: The rust is only in the stem, not the full plated down tube that screws up into the stem. Also no rust in what I call the chamber, the area the smoke would go into to enter the hose after passing threw the water. (I think I got my terms correct here, aid me if not)

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