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Originally Posted by smoke eater View Post
Great post! I know where you are coming from. I came to the hookah from briar pipes. I still enjoy my pipes as much as I do the hookah. In my pipes, I smoke natural blends, that is, all natural tobaccos, blended to taste. I never really liked the aromatics, as they tend to bite and smoke wet. It is amazing how many different blends can be made using the same basic ingredients! Look at Cornell and Diehl, for example. They must have hundreds of blends, all from burley, virginia, latakia, turkish and perique. I came to the hookah, looking for an aromatic experience, but am glad to find a strong traditional tobacco presence as well.
What most narghile fans are missing out on. Looking at tobacco as some generic product like say, cheese wiz is basically missing out on everything that makes tobacco worth while. Tobacco leaves vary greatly and the ways they are cured and blended give an almost unlimited range of flavors that can't be found in any food products.
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