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Originally Posted by AngriestPhx View Post
I like your thinking Hajo. I always mix other flavors with Zag and Salloum Plain. My favorite mixes with the plain tobaccos are with either Havana Honey Banana, Havana Pipe, AF Pipe, AF Banana, Nakhla Caramel, Nakhla Chocomint, AW Vanilla, or AW Cherry.

Regarding the molasses. I was at a grocery store the other day and found Grandma's Molasses brand in "Regular" and a "Robust." Which flavor is recommended to mix with hookah tobacco? There is more information on the company's website.

Also, do you use glycerine when you are using molasses or do you only use glycerine when mixing with honey?
Mixing is a great way to be gradually introduced to real tobacco flavours.

I started a whole thread about the use of molasses which has mountains of info on what is best for what sort of application. Check it out.

I generally don't uses honey and I only use glycerin when I use moassel that is overly dry. You know, stuff like Afzal, Salloum, Nakhla and such.
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