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Originally Posted by brutalmetals View Post
well, if any of you guys have heard of boswells pipe tobacco, i come from the same town where boswell makes pipes and tobacco. and i smoke a bit of pipe every once in a great while(christmas cookie). i dont like to smoke anything but hookah, because to me its rough, and makes my taste buds disappear. but i mean i hear what you guys are saying. in my opinion i think that cigs are kinda like getting walmart brand candy, but hookah is enjoying confectioners chocolate. you know what i mean? i dont want smoking to become a habit for myself so i stay clear from all that stuff. anything is good in moderation. but hey, thats just me.
I agree that moderation is the way to go. No chaining, no multiple bowls and no cloud contests for me.

As to tobacco like Boswells being harsh my guess is that you are not smoking correctly. Western style Briar pipes are meant to smoked extremely gingerly with no inhaling and waiting 30-45 seconds between pulls. Of course you have to know how to load and tamp a pipe to get a good session and that does take practice. Personally, I have found that narghiles are a lot easier to use then Western pipes so if you wnat to try out real tobacco flavour then i'd suggest starting with a narghile.

Basically the best way to get into real tobacco is by mixing something like DM, Zaghloul, Salloum Plain or H-H cavendish with something like a good a good vanilla, honey or coffe flavoured moassel. Startout at about half and half and work down over a few sessions until you are smoking just the straight, unflavoured and washed moassel. You may also want to try the various flavoured DM products since they are all great and very cheap.

Lastly, smoke only on a full stomach with plenty of water/tea/coffee on hand and some fresh fruit. Wait at least 30 seconds between draws, inhale shallowly or not at all and use the best coals you can get. If you have any other set up question just ask.
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