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Default What's Been Happening?

Things have not been that great for me lately so I am making a post here to bring everyone up to date rather then answer a bunch of inquiries separately i'll just answer them all at once here. Basically what happened is that an old patch on an intestinal injury broke which resulted in a hospital stay. About the time I was supposed to be discharged I had a cerebral hemorrhage for reasons unknown and that was less pleasant then you may imagine. As it happened my heart stopped for a bit although I was obviously revived so I suppose that alls well that ends well. I've concluded that providence must want me around for some reason that I can't lay my finger on so....

Anyway, the news is far from all bad since I got a great welcome home party last night with plenty of Ark Sous (an older batch) and very nice blend of various DM flavours made by my bandmates so I had a great night. Without a doubt I can say narghiles are a great pleasure that makes life much better.

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