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Default Re: How do you get the biggest and best smoke?

Like other members have already stated, PRACTICE IS THE KEY! How many coals do you usually use? What brand/type? What shisha brand do you use? All these questions can give us the details for us to point you in the right direction towards getting thicker smoke. I get HUGE CLOUDS of smoke by using Starbuzz shisha, Golden Coals or Exotica's, and I usually put two to three pieces on my small tangier's phunnel bowl.

I always get thick clouds using these brands. Some shisha's won't give you thick smoke. Starbuzz definetly will no matter what. All you have to do is make sure you've got enough heat (meaning, the right amount of coals and heat management). Also adding a windcover can help add heat without adding too much like an extra coal would. You don't want to put too many coals, because then the shisha will overheat and everything starts going in the negative direction.

I usually use two pieces of Golden Coals or Exoticas in conjunction with a windcover to manage my session's thickness. Throughout the session, if I want more thickness I'll put on the windcover. If it get's to the thickness I want, then I'll take it off and so on and so forth.
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