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Default Re: Mini Mya Acrylic Rust

I have hit it with a brush a few times but don't have any brush that will get in and do a good job, I need to make one. I wonder if I just got a messed up stem as well. Being brass and aluminum I would not expect I could get a magnet to stick to it. Sure as shit, one sticks on the inside. Outside is expected with the plating but inside on the raw surface? I don't know, just seems odd.

I got a sample of that Formula *** cleaner stuff that some of the hookah sites sell so I will get it soaking in that and give a good scrub with what ever I can find and report back.

You think one part would patina but not the other? I am talking it goes from nice and new to brown.

EDIT: I am not attempting to make NHT references, the product recommended and sold to me by a well known (and vender) website has the numbers in the name.

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