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Hey guys. Recently I've noticed that my hookah doesn't seem to be producing very good flavor and I'm not sure why. I was hoping that someone might have a suggestion. My setup right now is a 34" Km Ice with a Grand Caravan hose. I'm using Starbuzz Bluemist tobacco with coconara coals, but I don't seem to get much flavor with any tobacco that I use regardless of the brand or flavor. I keep my hookah very clean and normally clean it after every use (sometimes every two uses if I don't switch flavors). What I've been doing to clean it is using lemon juice and baking soda with a brush. I also used an air compressor to blow out all of the junk that was trapped in the hose. No matter what I do I still don't seem to get very good flavor (cloud size is fine, just flavor is lacking). Because the cloud size was still fine I though maybe I had too much heat on the top so I reduced the amount of heat gradually until no smoke was being produced and there was no noticeable change in flavor regardless of how much or how little heat I put on. I'm just using a standard egyptian bowl..would a phunnel bowl make a significant difference in flavor? Sorry for the length and thanks all for your help!
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