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Default Re: who sais a QT hits like a KM?

LOl I am lost in so many ways.
You weren't the only person I was talking to in the reply, but now you are.

I never said anything about Eric waiting on the new nours....
See above.

My syrian nour came with a syrian ash tray but it was still thin and shitty and some syrian hookahs are not shitty just because they come with a crappy hose and a crappy tray they are shitty cuz there bases are bubbled everywhere... the hose port is to small which mean bad airflow and need to buy a "special grommet" to make that hose work. They have a purge caps and bottom weld that are supper small.
I have 2 KM vases with bubbles all over and 2 Syrians the are actually flat on the bottom and relatively bubble free in comparison. Glass, Hoses, and Trays are done by distributors a lot of time. Check out the Temsah's for sale everywhere, you think the ashtray and base on the temsah trimetal is made by temsah or even packaged by them? I have been corrected on my belief about gauge size being related to pull ease, its not entirely that, but if you dont believe that, look at my side by side comparisons of 3 syrian hose port openings to a KM. Its not how wide or long the hose port is at the end, its how wide it is at the narrowest part if you want to even talk about guage. And check your KM; it tapers, they flare at the end to hide a tapered middle. You dont need a special grommet, you just need to make sure you are using the right sized grommet. Believe it or not, they aren't one size fits all. There are thinner hose grommets, there are thicker ones, there are rubber ones, there a silicone ones, and there are hard plastic ones...and the best part, is if you have a good hookah, you won't even need one for the hose. Its kind of like hookah bases, see not all hose ends are the same, and not all base openings are the same, because of this there are different styles and sizes to both . The purge cap is small, but works fine, again video proof on the vid section. and like all hookahs, they come with a variety of different purge valves.

And where I pulled that from is Eric of Tangiers who is a seller of that specific model of hookah and also I am an owner of that same hookah. I have looked at your collection and do not see you owning that specific model so I really don't know where your pulling your info from
I can share with you differences with several several models of nours and nawras, and if i cant do enough, abu ronin can do the rest, regardless, denouncing a line because of a potential bad hookah you might have aquired is pointless, I may say negative things about KMs but I never deny that they are good hookahs.Anyhow, back to an actual statistic, I tend to trust other vendors than Eric himself, thats just me, and I'd go by what people actually said, luckily we have a section for that in the forums, so pray tell, which model?

and that 25% was tallking about that specific model... go back and reread
Yes, I got that, reread what I said and realize that by talking about all hookahs in general, it covers THAT SPECIFIC MODEL TOO.

Also I never heard of Kms with cheap trays... Id like to see a picture or a thread about this one.
Check my KM SSR (exotica) review in the vid section, Mya Trays are made with more craft....and hey, its not all KMs, its that KM that came with one, because whoever packaged it, decided to give it a bad ash tray...again, happens with ALL companies.

And that's great to know that other companies have nour in there name to... but we all know the Nour company we are talking about is a distributor of hookahs.
Well, the one I am talking about actually makes em .

But lets all face it .....the reason why KM's is the number one top selling hand made hookahs in the market is because you know when you get one you are almost always going to get great quality... great pull.... great purge.
Actually that is like saying tickle me elmos sold so much because they were the best toy. Its called hype, basic tool of marketing, and it works. They can back up the hype with a good product, but it still is hype because it simply ISNT the best. As for number 1 top selling, I'm not sure about that, for some reason I feel the chinese market, and I mean Mya's here more specifically might sell more man. That being said I, much like you, don't have any actual figures to give you, but I'd bet on Mya over KM- just my belief on that. You gotta think, more hipsters like Myas than they like KMs, and hipsters are really behind the increase of hookahs purchased and used in this country (also behind the decline of hookah culture too oddly).

End of discussion!
After writing this, I won't try and seem arrogant enough to ask you not to reply.

"blu mist rulz dawg an that stuff ain't like it an if youz don't agree you bez a shithead yo" - Hajo Flettner

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