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Default Re: Mini Mya Acrylic Rust

It did not have a smell other than from what I am guessing was the 250g of SB white grape that I have been smoking for the last few weeks. That smell is gone now.

This dude I know is the king of guns, he has all kinds of cleaning stuff and what is called a bore scope where I will be able to look down into the stem if I want to. Who knows, it may just have been some stuff flaking off that I thought was rust and the color is from all the smoke, I don't know. I know that my other hookahs have never done such a thing. I have that King Of Hookah deal that I am sure is from China and it is as clean as the day I unpacked it and I have never done more than I have done with the Mya. Perhaps I just need to step up the cleaning, right now it is smoking like it is brand new. What freaked me out the most was that the chamber deal looked brand new yet the stem was this funky color. This magnet deal bothers me a bit but I am not going to worry too much I guess. As long as I am not getting a mouth full of rust dust, right.
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