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Default Not sure what hookah to get? Some Help Please..

Well not knowing any better I purchased a Crap Chinese Hookah last month. I say crap cause After looking at hookahs on this forum and some of the sites listed I know I could have done better and Got ripped on price. My hookah smokes decent, and keep in mind I'm learning and am fairly new to Hookah all together. I listed a few hookahs below i've been looking at. let me know what you think

I like them all it's hard to choose.. Some here say the MZ's are a better quality build, and most say KM's =FTW!

My girl likes to smoke with me know and we use 2 hoses I can sit in my Papasan and play call of duty and she can chill on the couch and no worries about one hose.. but I heard the Egyptians don't auto-seal and that could be and issue.. any input and help would be appriciated. Thanks -Fox

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