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Originally Posted by squareben View Post
So I just got a beautiful new KM Hafa last Thursday from patelbadboy2006 and I Love it!

...loveD it.

I'd just finished smoking a bowl with a few friends and we were watching TV while it cooled off in front of us, another mate pulled up outside and I jumped up and across the room to look out the window...

...and smashed my brand new pipe off the coffee table and showered everyone in water, glass and ash.

Luckily the stem was fine, but it had broken straight through the base

The shattered pieces:

Needless to say my friends were very supportive and thought of many hilarious jokes...lovely.

So I ordered this one straight after:

Its not a KM but itll do :P It'll match my turquoise nammor at least.

Just wondering if anyone knows anywhere/anyone in the UK who could sell me a nice KM glass.

HOOKAH ETIQUETTE from the website of
* Never light your cigarette with the coals on your hookah.

* Never put your hookah on a height (I know this could be a little inconvenient if you dont have a large hookah, but a hookah is supposed to rest on the ground, not on a table).

* Never pass the hookah directly to another person. Always first put in down and let the next person pick it up.

* Don't smoke anything but tobacco out of your hookah.

When I first got involved with the Hookah I looked up any and all information about it that I could find. This was one of the first things I learned.

As for your vase, I would really recommend Hookah John. Even though it may cost a bit more. Then again Hookah Royal might a good for you too.

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