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Default Re: Craving some Nakhla DA Can

Originally Posted by paulk View Post
I thought Nicotine was a depressant?

Wouldn't that slow your heart rate?
Not true ... it is as BIGPOPPA said, a stimulant ..... It suppresses appetite though.

Originally Posted by BIGPOPPA View Post
Nicotine is a stimulant. It also constricts blood vessels thereby raising your blood pressure and heart rate.
Exactly ..... Same effect as caffeine with respect to both blood pressure and heart rate

Originally Posted by paulk View Post
Ah, got it. Thanks BP for setting that one straight for me.

TE, I have a feeling you may have to go to ...... dare I say it...... Herbal.

:ducks from flying objects:

Btw, went to my tobacconist today, bought the Nakhla DA can (250g) for $3.5. Too expensive for Nakhla ($0.60 for 250g carton, $1.6 for glass jar) but it has the best flavor, aroma and wetness.

and, he had the hookah hose tip filters .... YAY .... Less than $1 for a filter and FIVE activated charcoal cartridges each of which works for 15 sessions ...... Bought four filters .... $3.6 !
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