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Default Re: Tangiers flavor advice

Well My first flavor was F-Line Kashmir... I didn't really like the flavor, but I liked the smoke

The Kashmir tastes like cologne to me, but I got a nice buzz and kinda tingly

I actually liked the DELIVERY of the flavor, in that it was a strong taste and a good smoke.

Acclimation made a world of difference to me... When I first got it, it smelled like dog food... could NOT tell the flavors apart

After about 6 hours of acclimation, with regular shaking and venting in gladware containers, the smell improved 500%

No matter how thick the smoke is, it's about the same harshness, which makes me think that's just kinda how the stuff is.

The only thing, is I have to get used to all the nicotine... every time I smoke Tangiers for more than like 20 mins, I feel like I have to throw up...
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