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Default Re: Craving some Nakhla DA Can

Ahmad my friend I have some advice for you this matter. I've found that filters will reduce the particulate content of smoke but they also kill the flavour.

Supposedly diffusers significantly reduce nicotine content and lots of anecdotal evidence supports that notion but no hard data exists on the matter one way or another. You can buy the Heba (I use it and like it) or make your own very easily and give it a try.

In the end what really matters as far as nicotine absorption goes is how you smoke rather then what you smoke. As you know I smoke cigars and when I use a narghile I usually smoke unwashed tobacco with far more nicotine then most Nakhla products yet my Surgeon says that blood tests show I am a non-smoker since no nicotine shows up during tests.

What I suggest is stop inhaling and use tongue and check movement to propell the smoke into your mouth rahter then inhale with you lungs. Smoke your shisha the same way you would smoke a top end cigar and nicotine content simply will not matter. It is true you don't get a lot of smoke that way but you get the all the taste and that is waht matters.

Give it a whirl and let me know how it goes.
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