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Default Re: Smoking at university?

Originally Posted by squareben View Post
I dont see how they can search your dorm room, that in itself is a breach of privacy. They could only do it if they thought you had something illegal as far as I know :S
But if they only do it when your away then you can just take the hookah with you

OH! Also, there shouldnt be any rules against owning ah ookah, you could say you take it to the park to smoke it or whatever, they cant stop you owning anything really unless its considered drug paraphenalia, just prove the hookah isnt and you should be fine
Yes, they are required to do maintenance in the rooms to make sure everything is working, like the heater, fire alarms, electrical plumbing ect. During this time, the RA's of our hall walk around and look for anything suspicious in the rooms. Also, In our dorms, it doesnt say no smoking, but it says no tobacco use, which prohibits all types of tobacco. And im not gonna smoke herbal shisha...bleh...But the main thing about hookahs is the whole coal aspect of it. It can do a lot of damage to floors, it can start fires ect. They dont have hookahs listed specifically as prohibited, but its pretty easy to imply it.

The only way I could see myself using one on campus is in my car, or 30ft outside of a building, which would be risky, but its the best thing i could do to let campus police know about hookahs.

Can't you just take the batteries out of the smoke alarms?
No. All of our campus fire alarms are wired to a security system. In a house, only battery powered alarms are necessary because it would be easy to pinpoint where the fire is. In a huge campus, firefighters and the on campus staff would have no idea. When a fire alarm goes off, it goes to some switchboard that notifies which room it is, and they contact the fire dept. This is what I am worried about, if the fire alarm goes off, then im screwed. And the fire dept is there to welcome me and my hookah.
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