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Default Re: Not sure what hookah to get? Some Help Please..

Originally Posted by DabsTight703 View Post
What the fuck are you talking about. Noob? I can garuntee you I get my hookah to smoke better than yours without burning anything. If my Mya does rust, why the fuck haven't I seen any yet? I clean my hookah every 3 sessions. I've had it over a year now. Don't get mad because you're some poor fuck that can't afford a Mya. KMs are good, don't get me wrong but you just sound like an ignorant shithead fan boy. Keep your bullshit to yourself next time. You know there are ways to give your opinion without making a complete ass of yourself.

Calm down people, As far as high end hookahs go, its all personal preference, Some people perfer mya over KM/syrians, others go km over syrian and mya and etc. A big part of hookah is personal preference anyway, loyaty towards shisha brands/coals, and even vendors!

Also, to be on topic. With the links provided, the tri-metal would be my choice of pick. Its the trimetals that shine through in the end for me. If you worry about passing the hose alot, it can easily be solved with a rotating tabletop, cause initially, with a multi hose that requires plugging one hose, itd be real hard to play games with one hand right? Again, its really personal preference when you're comparing mz/km/myas/syrians, there are things you just have to consider, in example.
mz is a cheaper egyptian, a km clone.
myas have REALLY bad purges and doesnt purge all the way, or atleast the ones i've owned didnt.
syrians cant purge as well as kms can, but only slightly
and KMs are overhyped, dispite delivering every quality asked for flawlessly. *minus flimsy ashtray that isnt as stable as a syria would be.

All in all, these all are good hookahs. They all have the same pull, and if not... the mya would be slightly below them judging from the gauge of the stem.
Hi! I like hookah.

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