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Default Re: Not sure what hookah to get? Some Help Please..

Originally Posted by DabsTight703 View Post
What the fuck are you talking about. Noob? I can garuntee you I get my hookah to smoke better than yours without burning anything. If my Mya does rust, why the fuck haven't I seen any yet? I clean my hookah every 3 sessions. I've had it over a year now. Don't get mad because you're some poor fuck that can't afford a Mya. KMs are good, don't get me wrong but you just sound like an ignorant shithead fan boy. Keep your bullshit to yourself next time. You know there are ways to give your opinion without making a complete ass of yourself.
FYI, i have a KM so quit being a little imature curse boy, i hope a mod sees how you're talking on here.
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