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Default Re: Not sure what hookah to get? Some Help Please..

Originally Posted by brazilrocker25 View Post
ok, can n00bs stop posting stuff like this? Mya's are aluminum and steel meaning they WILL rust if you dont care for them PERFECTLY, they have a common chamber so purging is a hassle and the draw isnt quite as easy as on a KM. if this man has made the smart decision to get a KM, then i advise he do exactly that, without listening to people who just like their pretty perfect machined alzheimer's giving machines XD (Photolinger FTW)
Thats not nice to say espically when you dont own a mya yourself, so you probably dont have a clue what your talking bout.

Ok the pull might be a bit more restricted then a km but some people enjoy that like me, and the OP didnt say he wanted the easiest pulling hookah out they, he wanted a good 2 hose hookah, and as far as i know mya's make the best muti-hosed rigs.

And as for rust, how many people have you seen on here that say "my mya's got rust" over "my Km's got rust" a lot more people say theys KM's rust over mya's this might be due to the fact that more own KM's but it might be something to do with built quality.

I own 2 KM's ATM and 3 Mya's and ive had a mya for over a year and a half, and it hasn't rusted at all, but when i got my first km's it started rusting with a few months.

About the purging yes km's purge a lot better, but you can do a bit of DIY and make the mya's purge just as well, plus if you dont burn your tobacco you will never need to purge, so before calling anyone n00bs think about it.

Just had to defend the mya's as they nothing wrong with them, if you can afford them then go for it

But on topic i would still go for the KM tri-metal single hose as muti-hose is more hassle then its worth like brad said.

EDIT: sorry abu ronin shouldn't have posted this after reading your comment above, but i really dont wanna delete it as it a while to write

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