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Default Online Ordering fron The U.S and Canadian Customs.

As many of you are aware, up in Canada we get taxed hard on all our tobacco products, so a logical way around this is to order from the Unites States. But we have to deal with that pesky little thing known as Customs.

While i have searched the forums for some information, there was very little ( one post) adressing this. From what i learned, USPS is usually hassle free compared to FedEX and UPS. I was wondering if others have had the same experience as this or luck with any other froms of boarder crossing for tobacco.

And yes, I know about the exchange/shipping costing more and all that jazz, but when we are paying 20$ for a 50g pack and about 100$ for a 250g tub, alittle bit of extra shipping on a 10$ tub from the US is nothing.

Thanks. Cypher

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