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Default Re: Online Ordering fron The U.S and Canadian Customs.

I order into Ontario from the states often, always through USPS. I also have that awesome deal of 50g box of crap name for $20 deals at my stores too! So I'm forced to buy online.

Customs does charge duties on boxes it opens, when you order a hookah they typically do open the box. However ordering only shisha tobacco you can get lucky enough that it slips right through hassle free. However chances are they will slap a small fee along with it. In the end, it's always cheaper then buying locally anyways.

My suggestions; Order from sites with cheap shipping costs, order more then enough each time to save shipping (all depends on how much you smoke). Lastly I tell vendors to mark the parcel as a 'gift', which under my experience gives the parcel a much higher chance of not being opened at the customs agency (In turn saving $$$).
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