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Default Re: Smoking at university?

Originally Posted by bradedup View Post
Hookah smoke doesnt even set off firealarms....but i would cover them up just in case...if u drop the coal on a rug or somethig...that will set it off.
Well..... We did have ours go off once from the hookah. Don't think it was the actual hookah smoke though; we think it was the residue burnoff from the coals. Either way, it's smarter to wrap the smoke detector anyways.

Originally Posted by Coldgr33ntea View Post
Yes, this coming fall I am going to a university. I really dont know what to do about smoking hookah in the dorms. For one, I am going to have to hide it in a rather good place, there are brief searches while the students are gone on vacations and such.

I just thought of something....I wonder if we are allowed to have a safe on campus. For one, here in america, you have a right to pricvacy, would it cover this? And, you could just say that you forgot the code, but you used it as a TV stand....idk..
We had searches as well, so everyone I knew that had hookahs just tossed 'em in a box with all the accessories and took them home with them over breaks.

As for the safe, they are not allowed to open drawers, closed trunks or anything with a lock on it. (The drawers and boxes rule gets violated constantly though.) If you have something with a lock on it, you should be fine as long as everything "in violation" is in there.

Originally Posted by vqturbo View Post
You could do what I did and put a lamp shade on top of a hookah and say its a lamp.
Did that seriously work? I saw the thread about actually turning a hookah into a lamp, but did somebody fall for that?

Originally Posted by squareben View Post
Colgreentea you seem to have given that a LOT of thought :P
I dont see how they can search your dorm room, that in itself is a breach of privacy. They could only do it if they thought you had something illegal as far as I know :S
But if they only do it when your away then you can just take the hookah with you

OH! Also, there shouldnt be any rules against owning ah ookah, you could say you take it to the park to smoke it or whatever, they cant stop you owning anything really unless its considered drug paraphenalia, just prove the hookah isnt and you should be fine
Dorm rooms are not considered private spaces. All they have to do is notify you that they entered while you were not there. Our RAs and the maintenence staff went in and out during our breaks. The Fire Marshall also did accompanied by the RA and a university cop. During that one, it was a search, and they seized anything breaking the fire code or laws.

And when there were seizures, they didn't just take the stuff and tell you to take it home or get rid of it. They removed it, left a note of removal and threw it away.
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