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Default Aladin Blackmoon

About a year ago i bought myself black Aladin Blackmoon. But i can't stop noticing that the "behaving" of my hookah is different than those i was used to.

The taste is slightly different, smoke is not as thick as i would like and the worst of all it burns and makes the smoke harsh really quickly. If i manage to stop it and use less coal than the smoke is not as good. Surpassingly it also does this with phunnel bowls.

One more thing i don't like about it that is not that smooth when you use it. Most of the pipes i am using just quietly bubble away and you don't even notice them. But this one is really loud.

So, can it be the pipe or i am somehow [can't imagine how, it's my 3rd pipe] use it as i shouldn't? Or is this pipe notoriously known as a bad pipe?

What would you recommend [large/medium height] to buy instead of this? I am smoking on average 3 - 4 pipes a week and what i am looking for is smoothness and great taste :]
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