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Default Re: Standard setting brand

I've only smoked more than 2 flavors from Hookah-Hookah(10+), Layalina(6) and Al-Waha(5). Hookah-Hookah is only still relevant to me because it works well(usually) in a vortex bowl and its easy to get locally, but for a non-group smoke, I won't touch the shit. Layalina has my current favorite flavor(Straw-kiwi) but has a few flavors that I get NO flavor from and Al-Waha, while not every flavor is great, has always provided me decent flavor and great smoke.

Sorry for the long explanation, but to answer your question, Al-Waha.
This might change tomorrow when I get my assortment of Havana and Nahkla flavors in, but as it stands, Al-Waha hasn't failed me.
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