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Default just got my order from hookah shisha and.......

first things first, customs went through my stuff which was pretty annoying, was taxed 30$

second and most detrimental, the MYA case locked out on me and wouldnt open to my code, the switch was moving but the little metal piece wasnt moving out so i had to break the lock to get my wallet and shisha that was inside............... sucks because i would have actually used this case

other than that, the packaging was well done, oh and as for the freebies, since hookah-shisha is out of everything, instead of brushes i got some foil and a bad hose, no wind cover

i am pretty content i guess, been waiting almost 10 days now, here are some pictures

this is a mya vortex

final setup:

the box i had to break to get my belongings from inside:

and the messy excitement of my unravelling:

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