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Originally Posted by ************* View Post
the problem is there is nothing similar to nakhla. i have tried so many brands and it seems like lately, anything that hits the market is the same stuff, just recycled in another package. Please find me something that you can compare to Nakhla. It's the only brand that I think isn't affected by chemicals, dyes, poor quality tobacco and fancy packaging. The only brand that I think has a similar quality is Tangier's, yet they are 2 very different products.

I am eagerly awaiting a new sheeeeesshhaaa.

The only thing I like about the newer brands is the new creative flavors, but it doesn't always feel right smoking them, like SB, Tonic, Fusion, Potion, etc.
This is almost completely unrelated to the thread topic and merely a reply to your post. I've only tried the Cherry Nahkla and I have a 50gm of Strawberry coming in tomorrow but I've, of course, heard the hype and I do really like the cherry. I think what turns me off from it is that its a stronger smoke, stronger buzz and if I'm thinking correctly - an even higher amount of nicotine. I think the main reason I'm not attracted to it is because it doesn't have any big-name, 'cute' flavors. It has simple fruit/basic flavors.

Just thought I'd add that.
Also, I'm ordering a box of your coals next month - I've heard great things.
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