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Default Re: Housing complex owners vote to ban smoking

Originally Posted by Coldgr33ntea View Post
Yea, im not in school yet, but when i met the RA's they seemed to be pretty cool. But my friend asked if we could chew in the dorms and they said no. They said that if you had you door open and they saw you take a pinch from a tin, then you would get written up.

Rules like that really suck, i mean, theres no smoke, flame, or anything. Of course, im not going to listen though. You get like 5 strikes. This includes drinking, smoking too. It kinda bums me, but at the same time, it is exciting. I remember the times when i was a young lad and i would steal my brothers hookah and smoke it in our basement. My parents had no idea, but it was lots of fun kindof hiding it from them. It adds a new dimension to hookah than what i normally would have just in my room at home now.
just dip in the shower, just spit on the drain. idk how the bathrooms are but we had a bathroom between our suite as apposed to communal

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