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Default Re: The Summer Midnite hookah

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
man its too hot for me to smoke usually out here now, not been as bad as it usually gets in the summer here but still in the upper 80s some times 90s but with super high humidity (like a sauna). i remember a year or 2 ago when were were in reno visiting my grand parents everyone was saying how hot it was and hot it was just killing them cause it was getting to 100 (like 3 % humidity lol)... we thought it was very nice

haha dude i live pretty close to reno... it's not too bad here at all. it's been like 88 degrees the past month. it's dry too. the thing about reno though it can get hot, its like a big valley hole, so when its warm out all the sun reflects into the "hole" and it gets about 20* warmer then the neighboring cities, such as galena, north valleys, etc
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