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Default Re: Standard setting brand

Honestly i'd say that I am convinced that no standard setting brand exists. I suppose if I was looking to say what the pinnacle of narghile tobacco is i'd say Fuzūlī or Shooting Star but since that stuff is so hard to get I am not sure that it matters much.

So when I think of standards I suppose I think of stuff that is easy to get and is an ideal representaive of a type (i.e. candyish, unwashed and flavoured, black, washed but realistic etc.)

I suppose in terms of black style moassel my standard is Al Fakher Soft Black

For candyish stuff SB would be my reference.

For washed but realistic Salloum is the reference point for the most part

For unwashed and realistic flavours Desi Merli is my referance point.

Other then that it's all about indivual products rather then brands.
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