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Default Re: Housing complex owners vote to ban smoking

Originally Posted by LoQuik View Post
Ive been renting a house for the last 2 years and under my contract im not suppose to smoke but Ive been smoking inside since the first week I moved in. haha. Ive even had the landlord come over minutes after I was smoking and he couldnt tell that I was smoking before he showed up.

On a side note, my rez is trying to become a dry rez (meaning no alcohol allowed on the rez) and Ive been to many rezs that are dry and I sucks because if you forget that you can have ANY alcohol with you, even if you are planning on drinking it at home, you will get a fine.
i can understand why they want to go to a dry rez with all the issues out there but i remember seeing something where they were talking about a "dry" rez that they went around every night and picked up a bunch of drunks. i think the only thing thats going to help is that the kids are getting off the rez and going to college then coming back and helping instead of just sitting around not doing anything and falling into the same issues

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