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Default Re: I Got Owned By the Mexican Cleaning Lady

Originally Posted by Dunkel View Post
Translators are usually not very accurate but I used one for this. Hold up your broken bowl and say...

¡Usted rompió mi tazón usted ramera estúpida! Tengo que cortar su paga que 20 dólares para reemplazarlo.
Well I haven't had spanish in forever....but...that seems close enough

from what i know that says "You (formal) broke my ____, you ____ stupid! I Have to cut (don't think this is the correct cut) your pay that 20 dollars in order to replace it."

never seen ramera before....must be a form of ser? ...and i don't know tazon. I realize this all could be checked online with a spanish dictionary, but I had fun trying to remember spanish without it. and Cortar is used for like....cutting grass and paper...idk about cutting pay.
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