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Default Re: Anybody want to know how Tangier's is supposed to be packed?

i bought noir and the fork in hopes to do this same thing w/ john......but what he did ended up being better lol.

its a good vid, let me just say that I never got noir to smoke right until I ordered the tobacco and fork recently. I practiced a little bit and honestly did what eric shows before I saw this video....for the most part. I eyeballed the tobacco instead of the palm test and I used smaller holes...and it worked like a charm. Making sure tobacco isnt on the side of the bowl is a good idea too because that stuff is just gonna burn to a crisp. I still use a fumari puncher for small holes so chunks of ash dont fall through...

Also, I would like to point out that they were smoking on a Nour.

Question to ask is we all say how many coals were used on the large, how many does he suggest on a small?

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