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Default Re: what do you think of this?

Originally Posted by fuz1987
hey ppl... i'm new to this forum although i've been smoking shisha for about 4 years lol.... i bought my own shisha a few months back but i NEVER seem to be able to get the same amount of smoke or flavor at all.... a friend of mine told me that its because my hookah isn't an egyptian one and that the design is all wrong and that's why its not the same as how it was at the hookah lounges, etc.

i'm pretty sure i'm making it right because i've watched friends make it countless times as well as checked out some youtube videos.

i found the following hookah online and was wondering if anybody on here has one like it and whether they can recommend one to me... apparently there's a brand called "Khalil Mamoon" which is meant to be the best hookah brand available.... i know that it also comes down to the tobacco which is why i'm also planning on ordering some al fakher from the website

here is the link for the hookah pipe:

i deliberately chose one with an ice box because whenever i try mine the smoke becomes harsh and tasteless after a few minutes or so and the ice in the base doesn't ever seem to work properly

can somebody PLEASE help me?!
Lots of ground to cover here but i'll give it a shot. First of all the rig in the photo is a Chinese made rig which i've used and found no real problems other then it being too poorly built to last. You can get a decent session out of it but it's not worth the cost and it's materials are pretty mediocre.

As to Egyptian stuff i've found that a lot of it is junk so simply being from Egypt doesn't mean much. I understand that Magdy Zidan is an excellent brand and I know from tons of personal experience that Khalil Mamoun are excellent as are El Ashrey narghiles.

Ice chambers can be great but only if they are well built and used on an otherwise great rig. My Khalil Mamoun and Furat al Muktar ice chamber narghiles are both fantastic so if you want an ice chamber i'd recomend on of those.

In terms of how much smoke you get it is somewhat dependent upon what you put in your bowl but the truth is that how you pack and how good your heat management method matter far more. You also should get your water level right ( 30mm above the bottom of the down stem) if you wnat the session to go well.
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