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Default Converting to Double Hose? (Toronto shops?)

I recently purchased my first hookah.
I got it used so I do not really know the best places around, just one place to get shisha (at a reasonable price).

It is a small hookah (about 18 inches) and I have already converted the hose too a washable hose. I would however like to make it into a two hose, it has a release valve on it already, so i believe I need an "autoseal" adapter.

Should I be getting an autoseal adapter for both hose ports? or just to replace the purge valve? If I only get one, then one person will have to plug their hose, if i get 2 though, there will be no way to clear the stale smoke.

What is the best option to convert my hookah to a 2 hose? or should I just buy a cheap 2 hose? What is a good site to order parts off of that ships to Canada for cheap? Or is there any stores in Toronto that will have adapters?

Thanks a lot in advance for any help.
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