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Default Re: Phunnel bowls...

Originally Posted by omgheyitskenny View Post
that didnt answer his question so it was a pointless post

its like me asking is there anyparticular reason you would want a KM over a Syrian.. Don't anybody say KMs are better they're same thing people prefer KMs because its a FAD right now just like abercrombie and shit
Actually he was responding to a post directly before his asking the opposite. He was making a point similar to the one you have made.

The number of times that people will shout about their favorite products is stupid regardless of what side you are on. It's sad that there are a lot of people on here who took the joke of the nour v KM war seriously. Everyone has their preference. Your last sentence is just as biased as what you ware complaining about. People like KMs because they like KMs just the same as the people who prefer Syrian style. Sometimes it's just preference. It is not nice to devalue their opinions and claim that they are just following a fad because they disagree with you.

Many people who pick a side and are so adamant about the debate have only experienced one style and claim that it is the best. Let people make thier own decisions. I own both an authentic brass Nour and a KM. They both smoke well and have their own advantages and disadvantages. I like them both equally for different reasons. I have a slight leaning toward one side because of aesthetic preference but I am not going to tell you that here. It should nto matter what I prefer personally. For the most part that is what it comes down.

As a final point your post (and thus mine) do even less to answer the original question than the post you were attacking for being a pointless post... I have had my say and i hope you see what I mean without being offended.

Now I am going to remedy this hijacking.

I always suggest the small funnel if you want a Tangiers funnel bowl. frankly it is still huge. I use my vortex more than I do my funnel but that is because the majority of tobacco I smoke benefits from the design of the vortex. I prefer the funnel but the capacity stops me from using it as often as i would like.

The scalli mod is a good idea and with a little ingenuity you can save yourself the cost of ordering and shipping a glass scalli. though they are really nice and guaranteed to not have any nasty chemicals or anything else unpleasant on them.
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