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Default Re: Anybody want to know how Tangier's is supposed to be packed?

Originally Posted by mattathayde View Post
ya i am going to steal an idea that was around here where someone (cant remember who) that took a monster energy drink lid of one of the uber big cans, pulled the seal out of it and put it in a large bowl upside down and packed then tangiers in there to keep it from dripping but saved a boat load of tobacco. im just going to take some AL sheet metal i have and make a little piece like that to fit the bowl that comes with the KM i am looking at getting and seeing how that works. i might have to make some air channels along the side but thats no biggie. if i can get it to work well i will probably offer to make them for people for trades or something

So were you able to see the picture of the fork I posted. sweet huh?
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