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Default Re: Phunnel bowls...

Originally Posted by DabsTight703 View Post
Oh the irony. Anyways...

OT: The reason I ask is because from what I read, people have problems with their Phunnels when are not using a scalli mod. Either ash gets pulled through or they end up pulling the foil into the center hole. My Vortex Bowl is decent for single sessions as I've used it by myself a few times and did not find the bowl to be overwhelming. Let me explain my setup:

Single Session:
Coal: 3Kings QL
Hookah: Mya Phalcor w/ Water in base.
Shisha: Starbuzz
Startup takes about 10 minutes since it's a vortex. This is the biggest draw back. It takes awhile to start up. Once started though you will get good smoke/flavor for 30-45 minutes. Keep in mind this is with the wind cover on at all times. Another thing to note is I don't break my coal disk into halves which might make it start up easier.

I am by no means trying to say the phunnel is bad. It just looks like it holds quite a bit more shisha than the vortex bowl. Maybe if you can somehow buy a mini-phunnel from someone that has bought one (though I highly doubt anyone will part ways with their mini phunnel). Vortex bowls sell for about 10USD while the Phunnel with Scalli mod (which is highly recommended) can run you about 25USD+. IMO, the phunnel is perfect for 3+ hose hookahs but for a 1-2 hose hookah, a Vortex will suffice imo. Whichever you choose, good luck and I hope you will become 1 step closer to perfecting your setup.

You can use the funnel without a mod perfectly well so long as the foild is tight. I suggest using heavy duty foil because there is far less of an issue with it going slack.

Regarding the ash that can happen with any bowl and won't affect the session at all. It just hits the water and is not an issue.
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