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Default Re: Phunnel bowls...

Originally Posted by kalutika View Post
You can use the funnel without a mod perfectly well so long as the foild is tight. I suggest using heavy duty foil because there is far less of an issue with it going slack.

Regarding the ash that can happen with any bowl and won't affect the session at all. It just hits the water and is not an issue.
The OT wants something that holds a little less shisha than phunnels. The phunnels I've seen medium and small seem like party bowls to me therefore I stand by my Vortex recommendation. However, everything that you stated is true. Oh and it's better to fill up a hookah bowl in my opinion. The way the heat is pulled through with the phunnel and vortex, I believe that utilizing all the space is for the better. With that said, I believe it's better to get a bowl size that fits your shisha comfortably rather than get a bigger bowl and half pack it.

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