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Default Re: Phunnel bowls...

Originally Posted by DabsTight703 View Post
The OT wants something that holds a little less shisha than phunnels. The phunnels I've seen medium and small seem like party bowls to me therefore I stand by my Vortex recommendation. However, everything that you stated is true. Oh and it's better to fill up a hookah bowl in my opinion. The way the heat is pulled through with the phunnel and vortex, I believe that utilizing all the space is for the better. With that said, I believe it's better to get a bowl size that fits your shisha comfortably rather than get a bigger bowl and half pack it.

Your probably right...maybe ill just wait Its annoying though because when i try to smoke my favourite shisha (AF Grape) all the juice drips down the stem and turns the water red! Its mad just how much juice is in that stuff.

Ill get one eventually, maybe ill go for a vortex...problem is the phunnel is easier to get hold of in the UK as theyre for sale on hookahroyal...
We shall see! Thanks for the advice.
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