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Default Re: Phunnel bowls...

Originally Posted by squareben View Post
Your probably right...maybe ill just wait Its annoying though because when i try to smoke my favourite shisha (AF Grape) all the juice drips down the stem and turns the water red! Its mad just how much juice is in that stuff.

Ill get one eventually, maybe ill go for a vortex...problem is the phunnel is easier to get hold of in the UK as theyre for sale on hookahroyal...
We shall see! Thanks for the advice.
Yeah dude NP. I used a mod bowl for awhile and though I never really was annoyed by the juices dripping down the stem, I was looking for something to retain those juices to enhance the session. The flavor will last the whole duration and I don't burn my shisha anymore though it will began to bite the back of your throat if you're heating your shisha too much. That's another good thing is that you can actually save your bowl before it becomes burnt beyond recovery. May I suggest wo*********.com since I bought a vortex bowl from them with HD15 (15% off) and the shipping was very fast. I don't know how the shipping is to Europe but packages over 50USD is free!
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