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Default Re: For my first this good?

Originally Posted by ZenSilk
Originally Posted by Hajo Flettner
Originally Posted by empire88
So a mya qt is my best bet?
Actually, I've had a QT and it was junk. My experiences with Mya have been pretty bad but some people love that brand. I would avoid the QT. I would suggest a KM, MZ or a Syrian from J & R, Social Smoke or Furat hookah. A rig 26" to 36" is pretty much the way to go in terms of smoke quality and ease of draw in my experience. If you have to have a smaller rig i'd go with Furat's Champaine hookah which you can adopt to use a Egyptian style bowl ( which is 95% of what we all use) with a simple brass hose barb from any hardware store.
+1 to that, that rig is pretty gorgeous. Furat hookahs just all look pretty awesome.
Furat al Muktar is a great guy with very good service. I love my ice chamber I got from him although the purge valve is a traditional Syrian style one which I don't like as much as the typical Egyptian set up. The champaine rig is very good for it's size but no wheres near as cool a smoke as you could get from a full sized one. It is the best small rig one can buy in my opinion.
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