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Default Re: The Summer Midnite hookah

Originally Posted by DabsTight703 View Post
I'm going to smoke outside by myself (or with my bro) tonight because of this thread. Sucks I can't do it during the day because it's not too hot around here. I just want to respect my neighbors since their kids like to play around this part of the neighborhood.
ya i hate the neighbors walking by cause im just waiting for one of them to think im doing something wrong and call the cops and have the prick cop that lives in my neighborhood to come over and smash my hookah and arrest me without listening at all. i was pretty pissed when my dad cut down all of our bushes that were like 12-15 feet high and gave a really nice privacy/sun barrier o well hopefully next summer they will be taller... thats if i come home next summer

as to not wanting kids to see it, my view is at least i am on my screen porch in my back yard and not on my front porch like some of the cig smokers do around here
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