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Default Re: Housing complex owners vote to ban smoking

Good posts everyone! Basically what this comes down is a few points -

1) The notion that second hand smoke is a health risk is without basis in scientific reality yet it's become a means to control behavior and that is wrong.
2) I found it extremely worrisome that products can, in practical effect, be banned simply because most people don't like it. Non-smokers frequently heap scorn upon smokers and actively seek to force smokers to cease something they as adults chose to do. That is obnoxious and a threat to liberty.
3) When you move into a residence the management or owners association shouldn't be able to change the terms of your residency simply because you choose to do something that they don't like.
4) Home owner associations have enacted smoking bans on home owners of single family houses as well as a bunch of other unreasonable restrictions on one's personal home life. Such actions are an affront to liberty.
5) Bogus science (i.e. second hand smoke) is being used as an excuse to separate children from their parents in custody battles which just goes to show that the downside of junk science made public policy is virtually limitless.
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