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Originally Posted by Luv2Smoke View Post
I know you prefer the black moassel over fruit. I've never tried black moassel do can't say what I prefer. I would love to try it but I've never seen any over here in the uk. I once tried tombac from Pakistan in my shisha mixed with honey but it was too strong and tasted horrible but u think that was because I mixed too much honey.

To be honest the fruit flavoured tobacco and the big clouds is the only reason why I started smoking shisha in the first place.

The only non fruit flavour I've tried apart from mint is nakhla pistachio and it's one of my favourites.
Well you are right that black style moassel is what I more often then not go to smoker but I still smoke lots of fruity stuff. I smoke tombac occasionally but unless you know how to set it up and smoke it I wouldn't recomend it. Thing is that the fruity stuff I like has to be natural/realistic rather then candyish or artificial. Salloum is a washed (but not as heavily processed as AF) fruity product that is the best of it's type around. I also like various indivual flavours from AF, H-H, AW, HF, Afzal and of course Nakhla so it's not like I am oppossed to fruity stuff but I have gotten bored with it.

More often then not I like complicated, bold, heavy flavours and often that means spicy/herbal/coffee like flavours and unwashed tobacco. I've also gotten to not like the film that glycerin heavy products have and I want more texture to the smoke so that means less processed stuff. In the end DM is my favorite brand but I smoke something else 2 out of 3 times.
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