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Default Re: tangiers fans, please help me out.

Originally Posted by MrBungle View Post
all of them are great. whether or not you will get a good batch is the question.
oh great, so tangiers has good and bad batches just like AF?

Originally Posted by Matt-641 View Post
I can tell you from experience that Kashmir Peach is really good stuff.

acclimating-just leave it spread out in a piece of foil for a few hours, go back to it and it should smell like the flavor. If not, leave if for a while longer until it does. Most likely it'll be acclimated within a few hours though.

heat management-they'll all be the same.

Why not get a 3 pack of Tangiers and then you can try them all out...?
don't get me wrong, i would in a heartbeat, but i'm on a strict budget until i get paid from my job in 2 weeks (which starts tomorrow). i've got 100 dollars to spare for a mya qt (2 hose), 3 boxes of coals, and 1 package of tangiers.

i've heard A LOT of good reviews about K-peach, but i also saw a bunch of people that say it requires super intense heat management, it burns hot, and it's hard to acclimate. i really want to try it but if it's going to be that hard, then i'm going to go with a different flavor.

Originally Posted by Demonix View Post
I, the apparent Tangiers billboard, would suggest
- Horchata - a creamy like flavor with cinnamon (don't know if you know what Horchata is, if not I suggest Googling it)
- Tasty Peach - Tastes like those gummy Peach-O candies
- Orange Soda - Tastes a lot like that orange drink Tang
- Summer Solstice Celebration - Watermelon and Guava
- Marachino Cherry - Takes like a Cherry flavored Icee
i actually did a trade today for 200g of marsc. cherry. so i'm going to have that, i've heard good stuff about the orange soda too but i'm not too sure about it. i'm not really that fond of artificial peach flavors, so i don't think tasty peach would be very good. would you suggest k-peach at all?

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