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Default First experience with Nakhla Zaghloul

I am currently smoking my first ever bowl of zaghloul, and while it's okay, I could use some help getting it perfect using the standard Egyptian bowl I have (I don't have a tombac bowl, unfortunately).

First, how I set it up. I mixed 1/4 tsp of Grandma's molasses with the black tombac as best as I could. Lightly sprinkled in the bowl, I kept the tobacco about 3mm or so from the foil, which I punched followng Hajo's directions. I set three CH nats on the bowl with a windcover for two minutes before dragging.

When I finally got any significant smoke, I tasted mostly something like the molasses I mixed in. I was expecting something along the lines of a fine cigar, but the entire session thus far has tasted more like barbeque sauce than anything else.

What am I doing wrong? Or am I doing everything right and this is how it's supposed to taste?
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